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    Jewelry with a conscience

    At Nuri & Ash, we believe in leveraging sustainable style to do good. All of our jewelry is made with lab-grown diamonds, which have far less of a negative environmental impact, and we believe our legacy can and should extend beyond pretty, sparkly things. That’s why every Nuri & Ash product purchased gives back to charitable causes that support women's empowerment projects.

    Sustainability and lasting impact

    Forged in fire, Nuri & Ash uses lab-grown diamonds to go beyond conflict-free for the ultimate in eco-friendly jewelry. The traditional jewelry business can have an ugly underside, from exploiting child labor to negatively affecting the environment. That’s why all our jewelry uses lab-grown diamonds, a clean solution to many of the industry’s problems. They’re real diamonds, physically and chemically identical to the mined version – just without any of the ickiness of not knowing if your gorgeous new jewelry supported dirty practices.

    Light a fire to do good in the world

    Everyday luxury isn’t just about creating beautiful jewelry; it’s about fostering a more beautiful world. Since day one, we’ve been driven by a social mission to do good. Whether you’re purchasing Nuri & Ash to treat yourself or give as a gift, you can feel good knowing you’re helping us give back. Every piece sold helps support women's empowerment projects. Learn more about our charity partners.