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    Lab-grown. Real luxury.

    We all know the 4 Cs of diamonds: cut, clarity, color and carat. But what about the environmental and social impact? We propose a fifth C: clean.

    Just like mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are made of pure crystallized carbon – so they’re the real deal. They just don’t come with any of the baggage, conflict and negative environmental impact often associated with “traditional” diamonds.

    It all starts with fire.

    Nuri & Ash was born from the spark of an idea, much like the fire and heat used to create the diamonds in our jewelry. But how, exactly, do you grow a diamond?

    To create diamonds, laboratories mimic the earth’s natural diamond-growing conditions in tightly-controlled, highly specific environments. A combination of extreme pressure and heat transforms carbon seeds into diamonds that are exactly the same as the mined version. Not just visually identical, but physically too, right down to the chemical makeup and characteristics like cut, color and clarity.

    We were so inspired by the idea that something beautiful can be forged through fire and force that we took our name from it. “Nuri” means flame and ash is a form of carbon; together, they light a fire to create something greater and more beautiful.

    Lab-grown vs mined diamonds.  

    Lab-grown diamonds are not fake, imitation or substitutes for “traditional” mined diamonds. Quite the contrary: they are physically and chemically identical, and like mined diamonds, the quality of lab-grown diamonds is measured through the 4Cs of cut, color, clarity and carat.

    Creating a lab-grown diamond mimics the earth’s natural process, yielding the exact same results but at a much faster rate. (Think a matter of weeks, instead of billions of years.) Oh, and the environmental impact of growing a diamond instead of mining one? That’s where you start to see a huge difference.

    Fire to do good.

    Mining just one one-carat diamond requires 126 gallons of water and 3.5 square miles of land, creating 2.9 tons of waste. Growing a diamond in a lab, on the other hand, uses 85 percent less water and creates far less waste overall. And you never have to worry about whether your lab-grown diamond jewelry contributed to things like cartels, child labor and dangerous mining conditions.

    But we wanted Nuri & Ash jewelry to be sustainable and impactful in more ways than one. As female entrepreneurs, we recognize that there is a tremendous power in supporting other women. That’s why every purchase gives back to charitable causes that support women's empowerment projects.

    Socially-responsible, well-crafted pieces. That’s Nuri & Ash.