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    It all starts with fire.

    The spark of an idea, the fire to do good, the literal heat required to create a diamond. It’s where we got our name: “Nuri” means fire, and ash is the form of carbon that results. And it’s what goes into making a diamond: carbon seeds are transformed through intense heat and pressure.

    Together, they light a fire to create something greater and more beautiful – just like we’re driven by a greater social and sustainable mission.

    Clean, technical jewelry.

    Nuri & Ash jewelry is made with lab-grown diamonds, a tech-savvy, eco-friendly alternative to traditional mined diamonds. The result? Beautiful, socially responsible, real diamond jewelry. 

    Light a fire to do good.

    We believe that everyday luxury can and should be sustainable. Our lab-grown diamond jewelry goes beyond conflict free for the ultimate in eco-friendly chic. Because to us, luxury means never having to choose between beautiful pieces and clean practices.

    By women. For women.

    Since day one, we’ve been driven by a social mission to do good, and recognize there is tremendous power in supporting other women. Whether you’re treating yourself or giving a gift, every Nuri & Ash piece sold gives back to causes that support women's empowerment projects.